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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

For Current Seniors

Fall semester

Arrange a meeting
Arrange an organizational meeting to develop goals for the thesis and establish a specific timeline for completion, including due dates for handing in drafts, completing the final version of the project, and meeting for an oral defense. At this organizational meeting the student submits a thesis proposal with a working title, thesis statement, and description of proposed research.
Register for the IS Thesis Course
Register for the CIS Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis Course - either CIS 95 or CIS 195 (Honors) for fall semester. This course requires Department Consent. Students must register via the One on One Course Form. Complete the One-on-One Course form, have it signed by your primary advisor and return the form to Student Services, Dowling Hall.

Note: CIS 95/195 (Honors) is a year-long course. Students must re-register in the CIS 95 or CIS 195 for the following spring semester.

CIS 195 (Honors) Eligibility
Students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies Major may opt for an Honors Thesis if they were placed on the Dean's list at least two semesters before their senior year. The Interdisciplinary Studies Major Honors Thesis is CIS 195. An honors thesis can be ranked "no honors," "honors," "high honors" or "highest honors." This is a deliberation that happens at the time of your defense among your committee members, based on how outstanding a job they think you have done with the project. This is one of the reasons that it is so critical to keep in touch with your entire committee during the whole process of conceptualizing and writing the thesis.

Spring Semester

Primary Advisor
Meet with your primary advisor regularly, or at least 3-4 times during the semester. Such contact may be maintained by other means such as email communication, with the proviso that such communication is substantive and that the student keeps a journal print-out of the discussion undertaken in the email exchange.

Second/Third Advisors
Consult with and keep the second and third advisors on your committee apprised of progress and concerns throughout the semester; two meetings are recommended, but are not required.