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Interdisciplinary Studies Major: Requirements

Requirements of the Major

An Interdisciplinary Studies Major consists of:

  1. At least ten courses from various departments and programs, at least five of which should be taken at Tufts or as part of a Tufts Study Abroad Program. One Experimental College course may be included, as long as it is consistent with your program description.
  2. Regular meetings of you and your advisory committee.
  3. An Interdisciplinary Studies major thesis project that counts as two additional credits. As noted in the Tufts Bulletin, CIS 95 /CIS 195 (Honors) are reserved for the thesis:

    CIS 95 Interdisciplinary Studies Major Thesis. Guided research on a topic, which has been approved as part of your Interdisciplinary Studies major (for the IS Honors Thesis, see next paragraph).

    The thesis topic is chosen to integrate the various courses in your program. The thesis manuscript plus two copies should be submitted in final form to the advisory committee several weeks before the end of classes in your final semester at Tufts, or at an earlier date, if required by the advisors. Students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies major may opt for an Honors Thesis if you were placed on the Dean's list at least two semesters before your senior year. The Interdisciplinary Studies Major Honors Thesis is CIS 195.
  4. An oral defense of your thesis, carried out with your advisory committee.


Any significant changes to the proposed major once it is declared, including curricular changes, thesis topic changes, and advisory committee changes must be approved by the student's advisory committee and reported to CIS with an explanation and a letter of support from the primary advisor.