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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

IS Major Committee Chair:
Julie Dobrow
Director, CIS
Phone: 617.627.4744

The Interdisciplinary Studies major has been open to all Liberal Arts students since 1968, offering them an opportunity to tailor their own multidisciplinary areas of concentration to pursue courses with greater freedom of choice than in the listed majors. A major that is truly interdisciplinary is one that represents an integration of traditional disciplines, a melding of fields that cannot be accomplished by the usual structure of a major/minor or a double major/minor.

An interdisciplinary major requires a high degree of both independent initiative and self-discipline from the student. The Interdisciplinary Studies major draws on courses from at least two of the following six areas of study: humanities, arts, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics (quantitative), and engineering, plus a senior-year thesis project chosen to integrate the student’s program. The thesis topic should therefore not be one which could be done within a regular departmental program. Rather, it represents a separate field of study with an identifiable methodology appropriate to the topic.

An interdisciplinary major is not a fallback or a substitute for those who cannot decide on a major, nor is it necessarily a way of creating a major that at present does not exist at Tufts. Rather, it is a serious undertaking for the student who is committed to blending disciplines in a way that is demonstrably relevant to an identifiable area of intellectual inquiry.

Candidates who are applying for an Interdisciplinary Major should have a minimum GPA of 3.4. If accepted, students may not double count more than two credits from their Interdisciplinary Studies Major towards another major or minor.

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